How To Fix A Broken Sun Visor Clip

You may have noticed that one or both of your car’s sun visors are progressively loosening, or if you’re very unlucky, the visor on the driver’s side has broken off on one side and is blocking your vision.

A broken sun visor clip can be dangerous because it could block your view, impair your vision, and let the sun comes in, which can distract you from driving. However, if you know how to fix them, then you don’t have to worry. We also prepare some tips for you on how to fix them.

Before we go to the tips on fixing a broken sun visor clip, let us first know what a sun visor is, its purpose, and common problems.

Tips in Fixing A Broken Sun Visor Clip

What Is a Sun Visor?

The sun visor is located immediately beyond the windshield on the inside of the vehicle. The visor is made up of a hinged flap that may be adjusted. Once the flap is unhooked from one of the hinges, it can be moved up, down, or sideways.

Sun visors are designed to keep the sun out of the eyes of the driver and passengers while driving. While they may have issues, these are uncommon and may be solved with a few troubleshooting suggestions. (Learn Craftsman Rotary Tool How To Change Bits)

What Is Its Purpose?

The sun visor’s purpose is to keep the sunlight out of the eyes of the driver and passengers. Most vehicles now include sun visors as standard equipment. They first appeared on the Ford Model T in 1924.

Common Problems You May Encounter with a Sun Visor

The sun visors have been known to fall out of place in some cases and must undergo repair. One or both hinges may have failed and need to be replaced if this is the case. Another source of this issue is that the sun visor has too many attachments.

Examples are a wallet, garage door opener, mail, or other items that can weigh down the sun visor. If this is the case, try removing the heavy things to see if the problem goes away.

Some sun visors contain built-in mirrors and lights that can stop working after a certain amount of time. A professional should inspect the vehicle if the lights cease working, as this could be an electrical problem. As for the mirrors, check them if it has cracks on it.

In fixing a car sun visor, you have to remember that it depends on your type. Below are the types and tips on how to fix it.

Two Ways of How a Sun Visor Is Attached

Most sun visors are secured in two methods.

1. Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts consist of a straight bar across the roof of your car with a clip on one end that secures the visor. This lets you rotate the visor and block sunlight from the windows by swinging it up and down and dislocating one corner. A visor with a permanent mount is less likely to cause problems than one with a swivel mount unless the entire thing has snapped off the mount.

When a visor on a permanent mount doesn’t remain in position, it’s usually due to a problem with the clips on the mounting bar that hold the visor in place.

2. Swivel Mounts

Swivel mounts are becoming more popular because they provide a broader range of motion and allow drivers and passengers to block out approaching glares more efficiently. Swivel mounts use a single swivel bar on the outside corner of the car’s roof and a single clip on the other end of the visor to keep it in place when not in use.

How to Fix a Broken Sun Visor Clip

1. Tighten the Screws Using a Screwdriver

For a broken sun visor mount (fixed mount type):

Tighten all of the screws using a screwdriver and by securing the bar to the car’s roof and double-check the visor clips to repair a loose visor on a permanent installation.
If the clips have broadened and aren’t keeping the visor firmly in place, you can tighten the grip on the visor by adding rubber stripping or caps to the clip. This will keep you from having a loose sun visor.

For a broken sun visor mount (swivel mount type):

Tighten all the screws surrounding the swivel mount to repair a loose visor. Please make sure not to overdo it; otherwise, the mount will be too tight to adjust.

The screws should be tight enough to keep the visor in place in any position, but not too tight that you can’t change it while driving.

Zip Ties to Fix a Broken Sun Visor Clip

2. Zip Ties or PVC Tapes

You can use these to intact the clip because its primary use is to organize cables, cords, and tools for simple storage.

3. Apply a Superglue

Clean the area, then apply the superglue on the broken part of the clip. Hold the broken clip for a minute or until it dries. If needed, apply another layer of the glue to make it more durable.

How to Use Velcro to Secure a Sun Visor

Velcro is cheap to be used instantly, so it is one of the recommended materials to fix things. To start this procedure, prepare Velcro tape and a screwdriver.

To restore functionality:

  1. Wrap the tape around the arm and place it into the visor.
  2. Move the visor away from the arm. You may also use a screwdriver to move it.
  3. When finished, cut one inch of the tape, and place it in the transition point.
  4. After placing it, push the visor back to its original place. Do not forget to check if the visor is still shaky.

Tighten the Screws to Fix a Broken Sun Visor Clip

How to Use Nuts and Bolts in Fixing Sun Visor

Instead of spending money to repair a broken visor, you can use this tip to save money. You have to prepare a hand drill, two bolts, two pieces of washers (locking), four pieces of washers (flat), and two nuts.

If you don’t want to rip the visor, go at a slow and steady pace while you’re fixing it. Next, mark two points up and down to the arm on the visor at a distance of two inches from an anchor that connects the visor to the roof and 1/2 inch from the top. (Read How To Unfreeze Sump Pump Line)

Using a simple hand drill, drill holes at the mark locations and cover the holes with a flat washer. Begin shoving the bolt so that it passes through the washer as well as the hole. Place a flat washer on the other side of the visor to maintain even pressure throughout the visor.

Secure the flat washer by placing a locking washer over it, keeping the core nut in place to get a grip twice as firm as before. As a result, there are reduced risks of relapsing.

Finally, place the nut over the locking washer to complete the process. Tighten the nut until the sun visor no longer appears to be moving freely.

You can get a generic sun visor repair kit at most auto supply stores if your visor is fully dislocated due to damaged parts or stripped screws. However, a replacement visor will most likely not match the other visor in your car. You can also contact a local dealer to replace your car’s make and model ordered for the last choice.

Remember that the primary purpose is to provide drivers and passengers with a clear field of vision and glare protection. If the visor beyond the windshield on the driver’s view or side comes out of place and restricts your field of vision while driving, tape it in place or remove it entirely until it can be adequately repaired. Even better, carry a screwdriver in your vehicle to fix and easily adjust loose visors before they become a hazard.

How To Fix A Broken Sun Visor Clip