How To Unscrew A Tri Wing Screw

What are the purposes of a screw?

Screws are most typically evident to glue objects together, such as wood, and position objects. Screws frequently feature a head on one end that allows them to be rotatable. The head of the screw is usually more prominent than the body.

A screw can be found in a jar lid, a drill, a bolt, a light bulb, faucets, bottle caps, and ballpoint pens, to name a few. It is visible in the form of circular stairways. The screw is present in a device known as a screw pump.

Pliers to Unscrew A Tri Wing Screw

What is a tri-wing screw?

The Tri-Wing is a screw and screw head combination. It’s also known as a triangular slotted screw. It’s tamper-resistant that you can use it on a variety of devices, most notably electronics. (Learn Craftsman Rotary Tool How To Change Bits)

Tri-Wing is a screw with three “wings” and a triangle-shaped hole in the center, as the name suggests. Specific gadgets, such as consoles, cellphones, and cameras, employ them. They frequently have small tips enabling them to be with smaller screws and components.

Where can I purchase a tri-wing screwdriver?

Due to the limited availability of tri-wing screwdrivers in stores, you may lawfully purchase them online. It requires specific equipment to secure and remove screws. Play-Asia, Ace, or Harbor Freight are all possibilities.

Different screw sizes and shapes are evident at Home Depot. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to get one there, the short answer is no. They do, however, sell screwdrivers sets with a variety of replaceable bits.

Where is the tri-wing screw commonly used?

The Tri-wing, another Phillips device, is bolted on electronic items to deter home repair. The name implies a screw recess with three circumferential “wings” and a small triangle hole in the center. Then it’s only a matter of using enough effort to spin the screw without overdoing it so that the screwdriver will not slip out.

Tri-Wing screws are a popular choice for high-volume assembly operations because they are cost-effective and provide a basic level of protection. Pan-Head machine screws and sheet metal screws are available with Opsit® reverse thread. Tri Wings screws are all made out of steel.

It is evident in a few Macbook Pro in 2010 and 2011, and it is now used in the new model of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to keep things together. It is present in Microsoft, Nokia, Nintendo, and other company’s products.

How to remove tri-wing screws?

  1. Order a tri-wing screw online or in an electronics repair shop or boutique. Find a small flat blade screwdriver that fits into one of the slots on the tri-wing screw as an alternative. If you’re using a flathead screwdriver, it only has to work snugly enough to provide some “bite” without stripping the head.
  2. Turn your game set upside down over a towel after unplugging it. Find the numerous screws that hold the game case together. If you follow the suitable shutdown method, unplugging gadgets will not harm them. As previously said, you can plug in everything in 99 percent of the time – our primary AV stack has a 2000VA UPS, which is always powered, except when we’re away for a few days or more.
  3. With the screwdrivers, be careful as you press down on the screw and slightly turn counterclockwise. Once loose, try to loosen the pressure while continuing to ride it. To acquire a good fit by using a flat head screwdriver, you may need to hold the blade at an angle. You can turn the screw by angling the screwdriver head into one of the other slots.
  4. Loosen all of the console cases until they’re start turning. Hold the impact driver’s body to keep it from rotating. Then smash the door shut with a hefty blow. To slack the screws, turn the case over and gently tap the top of the case.

If you don’t have a tri-wing screwdriver, what can you use instead?

Aside from melted Bic pens, the simplest to use is a tiny flat blade screwdriver, more extensive than the circle you created with a tri-wing. Then it’s only a matter of using enough effort to spin the screw without overdoing it and slipping the screwdriver out.

If you don’t have a matching screwdriver, use a small Torx or hex screwdriver to disassemble a gadget with triple wing or tri screwdrivers. If you have a three-wing screw with a 5 mm head, for example, use TX 5. The point is that you have to use the screwdriver to cover the middle of the screw.

After removing only a few screws, the screwdriver is likely to be damaged. Another option for improvising a tri-wing screwdriver is to utilize a modified Phillips screwdriver. The only change required is to remove one of the wings of the Phillips head screwdriver to make it T-shaped rather than cross-shaped. (Read How To Unscrew Triangle Screws Without Screwdriver)

What are tools found at home that I can use to remove a tri-wing screw?

Coin to Unscrew A Tri Wing Screw

Butter Knife

To unscrew, insert the end of the butter knife into the slot and turn counterclockwise. If your butter knife is of poor quality and strength or the screw is snug, you should bend it rather than unscrewing it. Be cautious of the possibilities of harm.


This strategy works very well with dimes and cents. It will be more likely to work with larger screws rather than tiny ones. Turn counterclockwise after inserting the coin into the larger groove.


Only if the screw head is slightly lifted above the surrounding surface will this function. Using your pliers, try to grip the screw and try to unscrew it that way. Pliers with a needle nose may be more effective than standard pliers to unscrew it eventually.

Screwdrivers are hand-operated tools used to turn screws with slotted heads. Its existence is beneficial for us to have an easier way of living. If you don’t have screwdrivers at home, you can still work on your things by utilizing tools you can find at home.

How To Unscrew A Tri Wing Screw