Is A Camaro A Good First Car

The Chevrolet Camaro is the dream car everyone knows. Even if you aren’t interested in the different models per year, you know what a Camaro is and how it looks. Getting a Camaro involves buying into muscle car culture, RWD pony cars, and classic style.

So, the question is, should I buy a Camaro as my first car? If you ask, are Camaros good first cars, you’ll find many people absolutely love these cars, and say yes, while others say no, which is a bad idea for inexperienced drivers.

In our guide, you can find all the reasons that make these cars a great option and also all the reasons that are negatives for most people to own such a car. (Read Car Radio Cuts Out Every Few Seconds)

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Why Are Camaro Sports Cars Bad First Cars?

Here are the key reasons the Camaro and cars like the Camaro make poor first car choices.

1. Too Much Power for a First Car Driver

The standard Camaro has a four-cylinder engine that produces a robust 275 horsepower. These powerful engines have strong acceleration, which may cause ambitious young drivers to develop unhealthy driving behaviors.

The higher trims of the Chevy Camaro include V6 and V8 powertrains, which elevate the car into the category of horrible first cars as they are a fast car that can lose control in the wrong hands.

Under 200 horsepower is typically the appropriate power for first automobiles, depending on curb weight.

2. Unsuitable RWD Drivetrain

Rear-wheel drive is typically used in sports cars, although it isn’t the best system for new drivers. It’s easy to make a driver’s mistake by stepping on the gas, and the rear wheels spin because of a lack of traction on the tires. Even a careful driver could fishtail when the back end steps out.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles are suitable for new drivers.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an excellent first car. In combined city/highway driving, the standard Camaro with the four-cylinder engine gets mid to low 20 mpg, and the higher spec Camaro SS gets 19 mpg from the 455-hp V8.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is among the most fuel-efficient sports cars you can have fun in and use as your daily driver.

4. Lack of Visibility

One of the worst cars for poor visibility is the Chevy Camaro. The short side windows and massive roof pillars make it difficult to see outside, even if it gives the car a modern feel.

5. Poor Trunk and Cabin Storage

The Camaro is a two-seater because of the rear seats and restricted headroom. You’ll find the Camaro’s trunk the smallest and hardest to access.

Most often, luggage sits on the back seat as the trunk is too small and the rear seats too small for passengers. The Chevy trunk space is inferior to rivals like the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

6. Low Ground Clearance

A car with low ground clearance is inappropriate for a daily driver on city roads with speed bumps. Unloaded, Camaros have a 4-inch ground clearance. Even if the Camaro has some drawbacks, some things make it a good solution for some drivers as a first car.

7. High Insurance Costs

Regardless of where you live, this does have an impact on your insurance premiums. Yet, an experienced driver with a few years or so will pay a much lower price. Even with used models, insurance can be high because of the car’s performance.

Likewise, you could pay more on insurance for the Camaro SS sports car, so just because of this, are these models a good first car? (Read What Does The O/D Off Light Mean)

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Does the Chevrolet Camaro Hold Value?

A good car in terms of value retention is the Camaro. Most cars lose 50% and 60% in the first five years.

A used Camaro of the same age only loses 40% depreciation after the first five years, which is better than other cars like the Ford Mustang muscle cars and Toyota Corolla.

Risks Of Rear-Wheel-Drive Cars

Although Camaros can be a fun option as a first car, they may not be the right choice for a new driver. The following are some risks and downsides of selecting a Camaro as a first car:

Large Blind Spots and limited visibility out of the rear windows. This comes from the large back pillars and small rear windows. The Camaro has several different engine options and driving modes, which can be too powerful for a driver with limited driving experience.

While rear-wheel drive cars provide sportier handling, a Camaro drives poorly in bad weather or snow like many sports car.

Benefits Of A Camaro As A First Car

While a new car is preferred because they hold value, a used car can be a good solution. Even a base model of a Camaro has some redeeming features, regardless of the downsides of using one as a first car. You have already seen some cons of owning a Camaro as a first car, so now you can see the pros of a Camaro as a first car.

1. Affordability:

Camaros have a starting MSRP of $25,000, depending on the model level and equipment you select. As you can see, this isn’t life-changing money, and you can afford one without too much effort.

2. Safety Features

The Camaro makes a good first vehicle choice because of its safety features.

Here are a few safety features available on Camaros, which is a great bonus.

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Airbags
  • Seatbelt tensioners
  • Front and side impact airbags, Knee airbags
  • Stability Control
  • LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children)
  • Teen Driver Technology

3. Reliability

A 3-year, 36k mile warranty that can be extended is included with the new Camaros. The average cost of repairs for Camaros is $585, and their dependability rating is 3.5 out of 5.

The Camaro’s reputation as a dependable car is further enhanced, and there has been just one recall in the past few years. (Read What Can I Use To Clean Battery Terminals)

4. Fun To Drive

With driving a car, the Camaro is fun to drive. The car is fun as it offers great handling in the right weather. It provides excellent acceleration, and the pushrod V-8 makes an incredible sound.

Add into the mountain runs are great as they easily handles corners. The vehicle sticks to the road with grippy tires, so you can make the most of a spin anywhere.

5. Safety (Crash Test Rating)

Because of its performance in crash tests, the Camaro is another vehicle recommended for use as a starter vehicle. The Chevrolet Camaro has an overall crash rating of five stars.

A five-star crash rating is higher than many other cars, so chances are, you’ll be safe in any road accident.

6. Good Resale Value

Although buying a car as an investment expecting its value would rise is typically not wise, residual value is undoubtedly something to consider. Generally, if kept in good condition and accident-free, Camaros hold their resale value well.

As a first-time car buyer, this might imply that you could gain a Camaro, enjoy it for a while, and then sell it and use a good portion of the selling money to buy your next car.

Gas Mileage

The Camaro has a reputation for getting a good driving economy, but how much you will get depends mainly on how you drive. Steady highway and mileage can be good. Inner city or in traffic, and your mileage will go down.

Strong Transmissions

That Camaros are recognized for having strong manual transmission will be helpful if the Camaro will be your first car and you intend to learn how to drive a manual transmission using your Camaro.

Engine Quality

With all the sporty characteristics, you’ll hope you’ll have a car with superior engine quality. (Learn How To Clean Brake Calipers Without Removing Them)

Final Thoughts

Whether a Camaro is a good first car will ultimately depend on several factors and be personal, the results of which will differ from person to person. Some might find that the slightly less potent options are preferable, especially if you are a novice driver.

The Camaro gives you a chance for a fun vehicle for every range of budget, no matter which trim level and specs you select. The Camaro also has many safety features that will give new drivers and drivers with more experience purchasing this as their first car peace of mind.

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