How To Turn Off Advancetrac

A stuck wheel is a common scenario when driving on a muddy road and can be highly irritating.  You may want to enhance momentum as you lose engine power because of sliding, yet the Advancetrac ford has built into specific models and has a mind of its own, and the advancetrac system won’t let you drive as you wish.

You may not want to permanently disable the traction control system, but you wish you could press the stability control switch, and turn off advance trac and some certain features rather than let the car decide you need the full features.  Luckily, you can do this, even if it isn’t clear how to do this. As an overview, the switch is next to the start/engine on/off switch.

All you need to do is restart the engine or press the switch a second time. Do this, and the full functionality of the AdvanceTrac system is restored. Unfortunately, advanced systems don’t all work the same way. (Read Can You Mix 5w30 And 5w40)


In our guide, you can learn the correct way of how to turn off service Advancetrac.

By the end, you’ll see how you can completely disable the entire system, and once you are out of the sticky stuff, you’ll see how to reset service Advancetrac system.

Why Should You Turn off Traction Control?

When traveling through deep snow or mud on dirt roads, low power may cause the vehicle to become stuck.

In these situations, lowering the speed or applying brakes to spinning wheels is contradictory.

You may require extra momentum in certain instances because lowering the power causes the intelligent traction system to engage, making things more difficult.

It slows down here, but this slowing down won’t help you because the tire is stuck.

It’s not a problem if you have good off-road tires, but you’ll need to disable the Advance Trac system if you have ordinary road tires.

difference vehicles

How to Turn off Traction Control for Different Vehicles?

Different laws may apply depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer. For example, a switch or button should display a car picture with wavy lines.

Press this button to switch off traction control.

If you see the light illuminate steadily on the dashboard, this shows the TC has been turned off.

We’ll break down the system into two pieces for easier comprehension.

Additionally, for different brands.


Depending on the year and type of your vehicle, you can either push and hold the traction control button. The steering wheel controls on the instrument cluster may also be used to traverse the menu. (Read Can Low Transmission Fluid Cause Overdrive Light To Flash)

Follow these steps to access settings.

  1. Use the left-side back arrow on the steering wheel to go back.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. OK, then Driver Assist, and finish pressing OK.
  4. When ‘Traction Control’ appears, press OK again.



Put your vehicle in Auxiliary mode (ignition lights on but engine not running).

To turn on the hazard warning lights by pressing the triangle button.

Press the gas pedal five times. TC returns after 5 feet of movement by your vehicle. Note: Not all VWs offer this.

This could disable other safety measures such as you find a trailer swaying and traction control/stability control may be partially disabled.

Pushing the button disables traction control, where stability control limits power and applies the brakes.

Manufacturers may integrate other safety systems into the traction control system. For example, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is vehicle specific.

Depending on the manufacturer, these systems have different names.

  • VSC (Vehicle Stability Control).
  • ASC (Active Stability Control).
  • DSC (Dynamic Stability Control).
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Switching Off Advancetrac Permanently

The ESC “Full Off” option is only for off-road use. Major safety systems are unavailable when disabled. Loss of vehicle control can cause death or serious harm.

Some systems restart at a certain speed based on the car’s year and model.

  • Fiat
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep and RAM

The engine is running while halted. Press and hold the ESC button for 5 seconds or until a chime plays. “The dash will show ESC OFF.”


TRAC and VSC are turned off by pressing and holding the VSC button for three seconds. TRAC OFF and VSC OFF indications will show.


Hold the wiggly lines button in the center stack until Traction Control and TC lights glow.

The DIC prompts you to disable TCS and StabiliTrak.

2018 GMC Sierra manual. StabiliTrak/ESC will automatically engage if the car reaches 56 km/h (35 mph). Then the traction control system is disabled.

How Do I Reset My Service AdvanceTrac?

Because the wheels can spin if the vehicle becomes stuck in snow, mud, or sand and engine power is lost, disabling AdvanceTrac may be beneficial.

This will restore engine power and improve momentum.

To disable AdvanceTrac, press the switch.

  • The AdvanceTrac system can be reactivated by pressing the AdvanceTrac control switch or by restarting the engine.
  • “Sliding car off” icon illuminates when AdvanceTrac is deactivated.
  • Toggle the “sliding car off” icon off.
  • Do this by pressing the AdvanceTrac control switch again.
  • The best way to abuse the stock limiter is to switch to Sport mode, apply the part-to-full throttle, then suddenly release it.

Real-life example: You’re merging onto a motorway when someone cuts in front of you, release throttle, and moves out of the way.

Should AdvanceTrac Be On Or Off?

Hold down the “skidding car” button for 8 seconds on 2010 Ford vehicles, such as the Mustang, to disable traction and stability control.

When you press or hold the “skidding car” button on the Fusion, only the traction control is disabled.

These features offer protection to drivers from themselves; thus, there isn’t a switch to disable it, particularly on Sports models.

The “performance package” is the only way to receive this benefit on the 2010 Taurus SHO, so it shows the switching is done via software.

What causes AdvanceTrac light to come on?

When traveling through areas with deep snow or mud, having low power could lead the vehicle to become stuck. In these kinds of situations, lowering the speed of a spinning wheel or trying to stop it with brakes would be an exercise in nonsense.

You can customize your brakes and your internal stability control or traction control system (Advancetrac system) by following our suggestions below.

To go back to the point, the outcomes of these situations can call for further momentum.

At that precise moment, lowering engine power is not the best course of action to enhance momentum. Because of this, the intelligent traction system will work to make things more difficult for you. (Read Does The Brake Pad Wear Indicator Go On The Inside Or Outside)

Simply because doing so will slow things down. However, because the tire is stuck, traveling at a low speed will not be helpful to you in such a situation.

If you have tires that are up to navigating these rough roads, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you don’t, though, the only other choice you have is to disable the system somehow and switch it back on and have it restored once you’re back on normal roads.

The manufacturer of your vehicle may have different guidelines. There ought to be a switch or button that, when pressed, brings up a picture of a vehicle with wavy lines.

Simply pressing this button will turn the traction control off.

A light will illuminate steadily on the dashboard at this point. It shows the TC has been turned off, as shown by this.

You are, however, free to customize the indicator light that is installed in your vehicle in any way you see fit. Here are some that we think might be suitable for you:

We will break up the discussion of the system into two parts for the sake of clarity. Additionally, for a variety of different brands.

Why Should You Turn off Traction Control?

While traction control can assist in keeping your car traveling straight in wet or snowy weather, it can also prohibit your car from moving forward if it becomes stuck in the snow or sand.

If your car gets stuck in the snow, one of the wheels is probably spinning.

While logic suggests that turning on traction control will assist because it limits power to the spinning wheel, it may cut power completely, worsening the condition.

In that instance, it’s best to turn the Advance Trac traction control system so you can use the “rocking” method to get the car out – which involves reversing the car a few inches and then forwarding it a few inches.

When driving up a steep, slippery hill, the traction control can be problematic when driving up a long, steep snowy incline.

Again, you might believe that traction control can aid in this situation, but that is not the case because it can cause the wheels to slip and stop power to them entirely.

As you might expect, the system reducing power to the wheels while driving up a steep and slick incline could quickly result in you going nowhere.

It can also be hazardous in some situations. It’s best to turn traction control and drive carefully up the slope, which will be easier if your car is equipped with snow tires, chains, or cables so that they won’t spin.

ABS stability control is the same in reverse coming down a slippery slope, yet this will stop you from sliding, and are features you don’t want to disable.

To access the settings,’ you must first complete the following steps.

  1. Back up by pressing the left facing back arrow on the left side of the steering wheel.
  2. Then continue scrolling down.
  3. Select ‘OK,’ then ‘Driver Assist,’ pressing ‘ok’ once again.’
  4. When ‘Traction Control’ appears, select ‘OK’ on the steering wheel once more.
  5. Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, press and hold the traction control button. The menu can also be navigated via the steering wheel controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I uninstall the AdvanceTrac service?

Before you turn on the ignition, you must first start the engine. Next, disconnect your batteries for at least five minutes while keeping the ignition turned on. Connect the battery and start the vehicle after that.

What does it mean to work as a service technician at AdvanceTrac?

Your Ford cars swerve or slide if it detects a defect that could cause a loss of control. It’s also possible that the vehicle will lose traction and end up in a spin.

Is it safe to drive a car if the traction control indicator is glowing?

If you’re losing traction, only drive with the TCS light on; this indicates that the system is active. Driving with your TCS light on is dangerous.

We hope we can clarify any misunderstandings about turning off advance trac system. To have a safe voyage, use these features, or ensure you’re switching the features off at the correct times.

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