What Glue Can You Use On Your Face

Cosplaying is a challenging task. Putting on a costume is not putting on some clothes. These cosplayers go all out with accessories and even the tiniest touches to bring our costumes to life.

Those accessories can’t always be clipped on or hung. Cosplayers need to glue the accessories to their skin instead.

You’ll need some skin safe glue. In this article, I’ll discuss glue options, how different glues affect your skin, and how to stay safe as possible.

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Is it true that glue is bad for your skin?

Most home and cosmetic glues are safe for your skin. PVA glue, school glue, and wood glue are the safest options. You can also use nail glue and eyelash glue.

Most glues are safe. These glues include the glues for school and cosmetics. But, there are a few exceptions. This is what we’ll discuss in this article. (Learn How To Dispose Of Acetone Nail Polish Remover At Home)

What types of glue are skin-friendly and safe?

If you pour a small amount of household glue on your skin, it is harmless. Most of them may be removed with a damp rag while still wet. Or, you can use warm water and soap once dry. This is a complete guide about skin glue.

Skin Tite

Skin Tite is a silicone rubber that is used to secure prosthetics. These prosthetics are usually for the face and torso. Skin Tite is more elastic than gum spirit or latex. It can stick to places of the body where movement occurs.

You can bend it with many coloring compounds. You can also use thickeners to achieve the color you need for your application. It’s ACMI-approved and blends in with your skin.

Skin Tite produces smooth and natural results. The silicone rubber product is bent or flexed to fit your body. Also, this prevents injury from repetitive movements. It blends easily with skin and pigments to produce a flawless finish.

It is one of the expensive skin adhesives on the market. This is because it’s a high-end glue. Also, it is used by professional special effects makeup artists in the theater. You can also use it in film, television, and other high-end productions.

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Glue Sticks and regular Elmer’s glue

Yes. It can also be used as skin glue. But, glue sticks aren’t powerful enough to penetrate your skin oils. So, the connection will be weak and will peel off early. Elmer’s glue is harmless and non-toxic.

There have never been any bad side effects once the glue has cured. There are tiny, invisible hairs on your back that might irritate you as the glue peels away.

Elmer’s glue on your skin: Is it Safe?

Elmer adhesive is used with an exfoliant or activated charcoal. So, it is safe. The idea is to create a sticky paste on your pores so it would stick. If it is damp, then you need a remover to get rid of it. Glue might result in skin reactions.

Spiritual Gum

Face and body prosthetics, wigs, and fake facial hair use spirit gum as a skin adhesive. Spirit gum is created and sold by a variety of companies.

But, it contains alcohol as the solvent. It also uses resin as the “gum.” Since the 1870s, spirit gum has been used in theater performances.

To remove spirit gum from the skin, you’ll need a remover. Alcohol or vaseline is standard spirit gum removers. Most manufacturers now offer a spirit gum remover for effective removal.

Spirit gum makes it simple to stick latex items to your skin. Except for silicone, you can use it with many other attachments. It’s also quick and easy to remove. You can clean your prostheses from your skin. But, if you don’t wash your prosthetics after each use, spirit gum can build up.

Liquid Latex

Liquid latex is used to attach latex prostheses or paint the body. It can create extraordinary effects on its own. You’ve seen makeup and special effects professionals use liquid latex. Yes, they make their faces look older by creating open wounds or more wrinkles.

Liquid latex (or flesh latex) is made up of liquid latex and water. It also includes less than one percent ammonia for preservation and acidity control.

Allow the latex to breathe for a few minutes before applying it to your skin. Be careful to work around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Let it sit to allow the ammonia fumes to escape. These are not harmful fumes. (Learn How To Fix Sun Visor)

It is non-toxic, but you should avoid eating it. If you get skin irritation, you should avoid using liquid latex. It contains a third of latex. You can remove latex with soap and water.

If you have a latex allergy, certain non latex adhesive is a good option.

Liquid latex is suitable for special effects. But, I would not use it as a skin adhesive. For starters, it works with latex prosthetics. Blending liquid latex with other forms of prostheses can be tricky. If you want to achieve a natural finish, you will have to be patient.

What is the safest glue to use?

Skin-friendly glues include school glues, wood glues, and superglues. Also, there are silicone adhesives, epoxies, and fabric glues. The majority can be removed by moisturized dry rag with warm water and soap.

Even stronger bonds might be difficult in small quantities. When you spill too much superglue, it should be simple to locate the sticky. You can remove it without delay. So, be careful when applying skin adhesive.


Is it safe to apply super glue on the skin?

Super glue is frequently used in surgery. Doctors first used superglue to heal military medics in Vietnam.

Superglue is an exothermic substance. So, superglue produces heat as it reacts. When it comes to skin, super glue has a terrible reaction.

Because they aren’t powerful enough to penetrate your skin oils, the connection will be weak. It could peel off early. The bind can be quick and powerful, but super glue will also burn your flesh. This is because of a chemical reaction.

Is it safe to use nail polish glue on your skin?

The skin, nails, and hands are all safe to use with nail polish glue. It’s made of cyanoacrylate. It is the same adhesive that goes into super glue.

You can remove nail adhesive with a nailbrush. You can also use nail paint remover.

Is it safe to use eyelash glue on your skin?

The use of eyelash adhesive is not harmful to your skin. PVA is used to manufacture lash glue. You can find PVA in school glue. Eyelash adhesive is safe to use. You can apply it on your skin. This includes the area around your eyes. (Learn How To Remove Triangle Screw)

PVA is non-toxic, food-safe, and washes away with warm water. It doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals or scents. When it dries, it doesn’t heat up.

Is Gorilla Glue Harmful to your Skin?

Gorilla Glue has Polyurethane. This glue is okay and safe for your skin. But, it’s difficult to remove. So, you should avoid using it on or near your face.

Gorilla Glue is difficult to remove once it has dried. With careful scrubbing and warm soapy water, you can get rid of it.

Is Wood Glue Harmful to One’s Skin?

Not in the least. The skin is not harmed by wood glue. I know carpenters who have Wood Glue on their hands.

PVA is used to make wood glue. It is similar to how Elmer’s Glue is made. Wood glue differs in that it may contain additional ingredients. This ingredient makes it waterproof. It also gives it a more natural wood hue.

It’s completely safe. But, It may stain your hands depending on the glue you choose. If you use a darker adhesive, it will happen.

If the wood glue is dry, you can remove it with a moist cloth or warm water.

How can you remove glue off your skin?

Each type of glue has a different way of being removed. But, the good news is that our skin aids in the process. Even if you don’t try to remove the glue, it will fall off on its own.

You can remove home glues from your skin with warm soapy water. It would help if you also did careful scrubbing. Even superglue that isn’t affected by water can be used this way.

Acetone is the most excellent solution for any stubborn places that won’t come off. Acetone is also a nail polish remover. Use acetone or nail polish remover to get rid of super glue. Many home types of adhesive are dissolved by acetone. SO, if you used superglue on your face, this is a good removal for you.


There are a lot of good options for skin-friendly glue. Any of these glues might be helpful if you need to attach something to your skin. You can use it for medical or cosmetic reasons. Before you buy one, be sure that you think about it. You can use school glue, nail glue, or lash glue. They are safe.

With this list, you’ll be able to pick the ideal product for your needs. The beautiful thing about these items is that they are adaptable and can be used for many purposes.

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