How To Get Into Locked Ford Ranger

It can be frustrating if you find yourself locked out of your Ford Ranger with no keys nearby to unlock the driver’s door. Whether you left your keys inside and closed the doors or your key fob battery died, quickly gaining access to your locked truck is vital. Fortunately, you’ll see several methods to unlock a Ranger door without needing to call a locksmith or damage your vehicle.

First, check around the vehicle for hidden spare keys you may have stashed, like under the wheel well or magnet box. Also, try repeatedly pressing the lock button on your key fob while standing near the driver’s door in case there is enough power to unlock the truck.

If that doesn’t work, try using a Slim Jim or coat hanger to manually unlock the door by reaching through a cracked window to hit the lock. In addition, for Rangers with keypad entry, attempt standard factory codes like “3-2-1” or “1-2-3-4.”

Call Ford with your VIN to get the keypad code, or use the valet key slot often found near the rear license plate as a last resort. In our guide, you can learn more about how to get around the feeling of, “I locked my keys inside, and wondering if anyone can help unlock my Ford?” By the end, you’ll better understand how to unlock your truck when the doors are locked without a key. (Read Coolant Reservoir Boiling But Engine Doesn’t Overheat)

Locked out of your Ranger with the keys still inside

What to Do If You’ve Locked Your Keys in Your Ranger

If you find yourself locked out of your Ranger with the keys still inside, don’t panic. This is a fairly common occurrence, and there are a few things you can try:

  • Check for spare keys: The first step is to check if you have any spare keys hidden in the vehicle, like in the wheel well or in a magnet box.
  • Use your key fob: If you still have your key remote, try standing near the driver’s door and pressing the unlock button. The signal may still reach if you’re close enough.
  • Call a locksmith: As a last resort, a professional locksmith can open your door quickly, though it will probably cost $50-$100. But they can create a new key on the spot if needed.

Note: If your truck has electric locks that were used to lock the truck, you’ll need your keypad to unlock your truck, not another method.

Manual Unlocking Techniques

If you stand there thinking, “I’ve just locked my keys in my truck,” and you aren’t near where a spare may be, you’ll need to manually unlock the Ranger’s door.

Here are some common techniques:

  • Try the door locks: Locked doors can sometimes be forced open by carefully pulling the handle outwards while turning the lock knob. Repeat this motion firmly 5-9 times.
  • Wedge down a window: Lower manual windows can be wedged down using a strong but slim object like a coat hanger to reach inside and unlock the door. Just be careful not to break the glass.
  • Use a Slim Jim: A special lockout tool called a Slim Jim can quickly open a door’s lock mechanism when sliding down between the window and door seam. Use gently to avoid damage.
  • Through the rear sliding window: If your Ranger has a small sliding rear window, getting a coat hanger inside and hooking the door lock knob may be possible.
  • Find something as thin as your antenna, and learn the antenna trick to push up the lock from the bottom of the door.

Unlocking Ford Ranger With a Keypad or Keyless Entry

Unlocking With a Keypad or Keyless Entry

Many modern Rangers have keyless entry or external keypad systems to provide access:

  • Use the keypad: If your Ranger has an external keypad near the driver’s side door, you may punch in a code to unlock the doors. Try factory codes like “3-2-1” or “1-2-3-4”.
  • Press the keyless entry: Key fobs have a manual lock button to be pressed even without a battery. Hold this button near your Ranger’s door to unlock it if the battery dies.
  • Call Ford with your VIN: You can call a Ford dealer with your Ranger’s VIN to get the factory keypad code or key fob unlock code to get in. There may be a small service fee.
  • Check for valet access: Many Rangers have a manual key slot hidden near the rear license plate to provide valet access. Use this key slot to unlock the truck.

Getting Help From Roadside Help

If you have an auto club membership or roadside help through your insurance, call them for help unlocking your Ranger, especially if the engine is running and the doors cannot be unlocked. They can usually dispatch a pro quickly to unlock the vehicle for you using specialized tools. This will minimize any risk of damage.

Avoiding Lockouts in the Future

Always keep spare keys hidden on your Ranger or in your wallet/purse to prevent future lockouts. Also, have an extra key to give to a family member or friend in an emergency. Leaving a door unlocked when exiting the vehicle can also be a temporary fix in a bind. (Read 1999 Ford Ranger 4.0 Camshaft Position Sensor Location)


Getting locked keys out of your Ford Ranger can be immensely irritating, but as you’ve seen, you can use many DIY methods to regain access quickly and quickly.

The key is staying calm, being resourceful, and trying multiple solutions. Check for spare keys, use your key fob from a close range, manually manipulate the door locks, or use keypads and valet keys. If you can open the back window, it could be possible for a small person to fit through and get the keys in the truck.

If all else fails, call a professional locksmith. They can often unlock vehicles without damage in minutes. Prevent future lockouts by keeping spare keys in your wallet purse and hidden in your truck.

Also, make an extra key for a trusted friend or family member. Leaving a door unlocked when you exit can also be a temporary quick fix if caught in a bind. With the proper knowledge and preparation, you can get back into your Ranger without sacrificing time or money waiting for help. (Learn How To Open Car Door With Tennis Ball)

Unlock a Ranger door

FAQs: Locked Out of Ford Ranger

What is the easiest way to unlock a Ranger door?

With all the security built into vehicles, it’s challenging for most people to unlock a Ford quickly. The easiest way is to grab the spare key you hopefully have hidden in the car already, like under a wheel well liner or magnet box. Failing that, using a Slim Jim tool or calling a locksmith are quick and relatively simple options.

Can I unlock a Ranger with the VIN?

You can call your Ford dealer and provide the VIN to get your specific Ranger truck’s factory keypad code or key fob unlock code. The dealer may charge a small service fee for this. (Read Where Is The Fuel Pump Control Module Located)

Where is the valet key slot on a Ford Ranger?

Most Rangers have a valet key slot near the rear license plate. Use a manual valet key to unlock the truck through this slot if locked out.

Can I manually unlock a Ranger door with the lock knob?

It’s often possible to manually unlock locked doors by firmly pulling the door handle outwards while repeatedly turning the lock knob back and forth. This may provide enough force after 5-9 tries.

How do I unlock my Ranger with the key fob?

If your key fob battery dies, press and hold the manual lock/unlock button while standing near your door to unlock it. The signal may still work from a closer range. (Read Can A Bad Harmonic Balancer Cause A Misfire)

What should I do if all else fails?

If you’ve tried every self-help method with no success, calling a professional locksmith is the quickest and most straightforward way to get back into your locked Ford Ranger. Just be prepared to pay their service fee.

How To Get Into Locked Ford Ranger