How To Untighten A Stripped Caliper Bolt

Caliper bolts can be tough to remove and bug lots of people. It takes long hours of patience, and this can’t work by pacing to the end of your driveway in a fury. There are many ways that you can use to untighten this type of bolt with ease.

This article will discuss more ways to get a stripped caliper bolt out, including the best tool to use.

Stripped Bolt

A stripped bolt is one whose head has is round due to old age or misuse. Sockets and wrenches cannot grip the rounded edges of the bolt to exert power to turn it. Stripped bolts occurred when the bolt had rust, cross-threaded, or an incorrect socket or wrench size used in a bolt.

Tips to Untighten A Stripped Caliper Bolt

Safety Measures

Working on your automobile may be risky and dirty. Be sure you have everything you need to avoid dying, poking your eye out, or losing a finger. The use of safety glasses and mechanic gloves can help in reducing the risk of accidents in untightening a caliper bolt.

Also, consider having a well-ventilated flat workstation, such as a garage floor, driveway, or street parking.

Best Tool to Use to Untighten a Caliper Bolt

A simple chisel, a large flathead screwdriver, and a hammer were most likely used in removing the caliper bolt. Also, the use of an impact gun is necessary for nuts or bolts that are stuck. A WD-40 lubricant can also help in untightening a stripped caliper bolts more accessible.

Acetylene torch can also heat the bolt and vice grips to remove stripped bolt heads that are not too tight. Also, a PB blaster can be handy in soaking the threads. You can also use a Dremel tool.

Ways to Untighten a Caliper Bolt

  • Using an electric drill, choose the hammer function and turn the drill to remove the stripped bolt. An important reminder was to make sure you were okay handling the tool and having the job’s appropriate bits.
  • You can try utilizing a chisel and hammer to turn the bolt. Also, it would help if you were more careful not to ruin the threads.
  • Another way was to soak the threads in Pb plaster overnight. It will break down rust or other grime that locks a nut or bolt in place. Try using vice grips next. If it is not removing, you can try welding on a nut and break it with vise grips.
  • Grind a slot in the head using a big screwdriver. Try screwing it a few times and use penetrating fluid.
  • Heat the bolt using the acetylene torch. The metal’s expansion and contraction could loosen the bolt and allow it to turn.
  • Consider using an extraction socket set that ables to handle stripped bolts better. Though this might not work.
  • You can use a broken bolt extractor to untighten a bolt. For improved grip, most have teethed cone-like points that burrow into the metal and hold it.
  • Cut a slit in the bolt’s head with a Dremel tool or another form of cutter or grinder. Then, using a flathead screwdriver or something similar that fits through the slit, try to break the bolt away with that leverage.
  • You can weld a new squared-off bolt head onto the original bolt in severe cases. It should provide you with the necessary grip to remove the old bolt.

Remove Brake Caliper Nuts

A Way to Turn to Remove Brake Caliper Nuts

The correct direction is normal lefty loosy. If you turn it counterclockwise while standing on the outside of the car, you’re tightening it. It’s right-hand threaded, but you have to turn it clockwise from where you’re looking.

Try Calling for a Certified Mechanic

Some people are trying to remove caliper bolts without proper tools and a safe workspace, leading to a bigger problem. That is why calling for a professional can be a great help if you need quality repair work that helps you save more time.

Extra Tips:

How to Remove a Stuck Brake Caliper Bolt?

The brake system’s hydraulic force helps in the dismantling of a caliper piston. To push the piston past the corroded area, separate the caliper from the disc and apply pressure to the brake pedal. You should be able to take it separately and put it back together. (Learn How To Make Socket Sizes Readable)

The information listed above will help people learn to untighten a stripped caliper bolt properly. Long hours of working on loosening caliper bolts will never be a problem. Moreover, you don’t need to be an expert in doing the methods mentioned in untightening a caliper bolt.

How To Untighten A Stripped Caliper Bolt