Horn Doesn’t Sound Anymore When Locking Doors

Most people don’t think about it yet, but excessive horn blasting can be irritating when you lock doors with the remote in a quiet street or a nearby parking lot. It happens every time you double-click your key fob to ensure your vehicle is locked, especially on newer vehicles.

Certain honks could be inevitable. Modern cars will probably honk at you to let you know if you’ve left a door or left the vehicle running. If you wish to stop the noise when you lock the doors, you can try pressing both the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob to disable this horn honk feature. Doing it properly is better than pulling the horn fuse in your fuse box.

To note, the panic alarm feature or the vehicle’s security system isn’t affected by disabling the horn feature, and the lights still flash as usual but without the beep.

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However, you may ask, why doesn’t my car beep when I lock it anymore if you didn’t disable it? Maybe there is a battery problem, or a previous owner has disabled it. You may be stuck if you don’t have the owner’s manual.

In our guide, you can find out common reasons for the horn lock and key not working as you expected. By the end, you should find out how to activate the vehicle beeps or do it the other way and disable the beeps when you lock the doors. (Learn How Much Weight Can A 3500 Axle Carry)

Why Doesn’t My Key Fob Activate The Lock Horn Anymore?

When the user is outside of the vehicle, they are instructed to keep pressing both the lock and unlock buttons on the ignition key fob until the indicator light flashes, and then they are instructed to press the lock button once more to make the horn sound, which indicates that the system is functioning correctly.

On the other hand, some motorists try this a few times, and each time, the lights flash when they unlock the vehicle, but nothing flashes when they simultaneously hold down the lock and unlock buttons. Still, they wait to see whether the lights flash, but nothing happens during this time.

The most typical cause is a malfunctioning hood switch, which prevents the system from functioning correctly. The hood switch must be checked next, as these are known to short out and cause problems like these.

Many drivers end up with a mechanic in person to fix the issue. Here, they find answers, and all the doors lock, yet the vehicle security doesn’t engage even if the locks stop the doors from opening.

How To Enable Horn When Locking Car?

If you want to comfort of hearing the cars horn honk when the door locks, you can use these steps to enable or disable the horn chirp. (Read Wear Indicator Where Do The Clips Go On Brake Pads)

How to enable the horn sounds feature:

  1. Get into the drivers seat of your vehicle.
  2. Ensure all the vehicle doors are closed.
  3. Fasten your seat belt, as this will cancel the vehicle’s seatbelt sounds and the light on your dash. Turn off the radio, and close the window, so you are sitting in silence.
  4. Turn the vehicle power to the ON position on the ignition.
  5. Press and hold down your key fob device LOCK button for 4 seconds.
  6. Within 6 seconds, with the LOCK button held down on the fob, press your UNLOCK button. When you hear a single chime, then you can release both buttons.
  7. Now you have heard the noise, you can turn the ignition to OFF.
  8. Next, turn your key in the ignition to ON, or wait for 60 seconds.
  9. Now, it is possible to check the horn chirp feature by pressing your fob LOCK button.
  10. If a chime is not heard, it may be the program mode was accidentally canceled before you disabled the feature.
  11. Repeat the procedure if needed.

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Here’s how to disable the chirp horn noise feature in a flash

  1. Close all doors before getting inside the vehicle.
  2. Put on your belt, as not doing so will make the belt chime.
  3. Position the ignition so that it is ON.
  4. For 4 seconds, hold down the LOCK button.
  5. Press the PANIC button while pushing the LOCK button for the next six seconds.
  6. Release both buttons after you hear a single chime.
  7. Switch off the ignition.
  8. Either wait 60 seconds or turn on the ignition.
  9. By pressing the LOCK button, you can test the optical chirp feature.
  10. Program mode was terminated before the feature could be turned off if a chime was not audible. Repeat the process if necessary.
  11. Repeat the steps above to enable the optical chirp feature. ​

A sequence of How to Unlock Locked Doors.

  1. Toggle between the functions of unlocking the driver door first and Lock all doors by:
  2. Close all doors before getting inside the vehicle.
  3. Put the seatbelt on (this will cancel the seatbelt chime).
  4. Position the ignition so that it is ON.
  5. For 4 seconds, press and hold the UNLOCK button.
  6. Press the LOCK button after 6 seconds while keeping the UNLOCK button held. Release both buttons when you hear a single chime.
  7. Switch off the ignition.
  8. Either wait 60 seconds or turn on the ignition.
  9. Program mode was terminated before the feature could be turned off if a chime was not audible. Repeat the process if necessary.
  10. Repeat the steps above to toggle this feature.

Note: While this can work on most vehicles, some models do differ, and your owner’s manual is worth reading to find the answer. If you don’t have a manual, and the above doesn’t help, you need a person who knows to give you the answers. (Read Clean Car Battery Terminals Wd40 Guide)

Driver 1# Seeking Lock and Unlock Answers

car key

This person had an alarm tone issue when trying to lock or unlock their doors with the remote, which stopped working. Checking a fuse to get it working is the first course of action.

The lock and unlock buttons can be held together until the device honks to reset it. Since a horn does not honk when a door is open, if it doesn’t honk, the driver may assume that something is open.

If the auto windows stop rising automatically when you change the settings. Roll them down, hold them up, and hold them for 5 seconds.  After the clicking, force a reset for them to rise and fall simultaneously.

Driver 2# Seeking Alarm Answers From the Dealer

This person tried to lock their Nissan Altima using the remote key, but there was no beep sound.

When they contacted Nissan Motors customer service, they received the following advice: “Take it to the dealer, and they will assess the problem and tell you what’s wrong with the key at the cost of $125.”

They looked online and found the answers before going to the dealer.

Driver 3# Answer To A Keyless Car Door

Nissan Murano 2004 keyless car owned by this driver. Never once throughout the two years was there a problem.

After parking it and using a remote to lock it, it happened at home. After four hours, they heard what sounded like an alarm from their car, but they hadn’t installed it.

  1. To investigate the issue, they took the key outdoors. The car was open because when they hit the lock button on the key fob after arriving, they heard a voice denying locking.
  2. When they tried to switch the car on after it was already open, the car replied.
  3. They put it off, and when they tried to lock it with the remote, it didn’t work.
  4. They then tried a manual lock, to which the car replied.
  5. It now opens when you try to do so without the remote. Trying to open it with a remote does not function.
  6. The car’s trunk or the back door lights—which turn on when the door is opened and turn off automatically when the door is closed—seem to hold the key.
  7. The issue is that the lights don’t switch off when the door is closed.
  8. The car reacts when manually turning off and locking using a remote.

The car won’t lock with a remote when in automatic. Unfortunately, this issue is too complicated as it doesn’t just deal with a horn noise and the fob to signal the car is locked. (Read What Happens If My Drive Shaft Breaks While Driving)

It is a trip to the dealer to find the answer.

Driver 4# Finding an Answer In A Flash

When locking a car with a remote, the horn no longer sounds in the 2016 Renault Rogue

Replace the horn beneath the lower front hood, or test its two wires with a multimeter to determine whether power is lost when you hit the lock.

Horn Doesn't Sound Anymore When Locking Doors